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CNC Trouble - Extrusion thickness not all .125in for 3rd Party Cutter

Question asked by Alexander Rivera on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

I seem to be having an issue with a 3rd party waterjet cnc cutter who is saying that the thicknesses of my drawings are all different distances, not all consistant with the material thickness which is 1/8in(.125in). The issue is we started working with our files in 3mm and had to transition to .125 inches for this cutter (who I believe is cutting using fusion 360?). I have checked to the best of my ability to find any part that may have an angle that exceeds 58.5 degrees, or a thickness that is still .118(3mm) instead of 1/8in(.125) but I can't see where the issue is. Does anyone know why the cutter might be saying there is an issue with the thicknesses?

It would be the greatest help if someone could take a look at these batch files and possibly point out where I might be going wrong because we've been going back and forth for the last month with issues on both ends regarding dimensions, max angle tolerance of his CNC being 58.5 degrees, etc and it's becoming such a mystery as to why dimensions or angles are changing in transition and I've become so paranoid about this project because It started off as seemingly the easiest assignment they've given me, literally just extruding their vector drawings, but things are not going well.
I am fairly new to working on CAD projects professionally as I am just a student doing contract work so any constructive criticism or other online resources that may help me get better with SolidWorks would be greatly appreciated.