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Mixing 2 gases

Question asked by Martin Private on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Chris Michalski

Hi. Im starting to learn flow simulation trying to simulate known systems to me in order to be able to compare the sim result with my observation in real life. I have this case: it is a mixing chamber: it mixes air and pure O2. It takes air from the inlet, and there through a little tube pue O2 is inyected . a compressor takes this mix at the outlet. The compresor sucks 280 lts/min

But Im not being able to simulate, I guess Im not defining the inlets and outlets correctly? I have ataches an image of how the mixer is modelled in solidworks.




1 is the pure o2 inyector inlet. Oxygen is inyected at a flow of 1 lts/min

2 is the air inlet. It is just an open space here air gets into the system.

3 is the oulet where the compressor hose is conected. compressor takes 280 lts/min


I have defined 3 boundary conditions:

1 O2 inyector is defined as a INLET VOLUME FLOW with a value of 1.6666666666667E-5 m3/min

2 is defined as a PREESURE OPENING > enviroment pressure with a value of 760 mm Hg

and 3 is defined as a OUTLET VOLUME FLOW with a value of 0.00466667 m^3/s


But Im not getting a simulatin here... are the boundaries properly configured?

Also, I have a question: I would like to know the mix % of the gas mix in different points of the mixing chamber, for example, I would like to know near area 3 if the gas there is well mixed, I know that at the outlet I should get an enriched air gas, containing 70% of nitrogen and something between 22 and 35 % of oxigen, how can I measure this at point 3?

Than ks in advance for the help