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Question asked by Patryk Halczak on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Patryk Halczak

I have been struggling with this problem since my migration to SW few weeks ago and still cannot get it going.


Content available in SOLIDOWORKS content is not working out of the box. Working in Europe I would like to have metric DIN flanges and pipes setup for our designs. Unfortunately downloaded official content has missing design table columns(and headers) so I started to filling them up. Despite efforts could not get it going, therefore I decided to create new basic set of pipe and fittings for a test to understand relationships better. No luck at all. I have attached set of components I created by editing working ones (as delivered with software) based on old British standard now replaced by BS EN. Instead of schedules I use designation medium/heavy as these are still commonly used terms among suppliers and withing my working environment. All sizes are matching, schedules as well but when I start route with flange attached I get error from the subject.


Could anyone experienced with Routing have a quick look and point out where is the issue with my files? Perhaps I am still not aware of something. I would like to take advantage of other available content but because it is incomplete without understanding this problem I will not have chance to succeed.


Many thanks.