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Gas Strut Force

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Anoop T. A.

Hi Guys,

my assembly is fully flexible so I can simulate gas struts and the door movement. Everything.

The issue is that I need to figure out the weight of the door in my RED MARK POINT.

If I knew the KG in this point I can calculate the FORCE ,,N,, of my gas struts.

I know the weight of my door but if it is hinged to the roof, the RED MARK POINT does not carry the weight of the door.

In this point the door is much much heavier.

Any ideas how to solve this task?

PS: I know how its done at the shop floor but if I could do it in my SW that would be fantastic.

In a real life, the weight of the door in this RED MARK is 35 KG.


Thank you for any help!!!!!