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Solidworks bugging out lately

Question asked by M. D. on May 31, 2018

This week I have had two strange problems that could only be fixed with restarting the computer.  First was not being able to resolve lightweight components.  I tried multiple times, on multiple assemblies and I would do it and it would just act like it did something (screen kind of glitched) but they were not resolved.  Another thing is unsupressing parts, the names are changed and usually it brings up a dialog to browse for the location.  Different day, computer was reset from the other problems but similar effect, sometimes unpredictably it would act like it is unspressing the part but it never does and doesn't ask to browse for the location.  Another time, again different day different restart, I was having trouble opening a single file.  It would just load forever and I had to close Solidworks, try again, same thing.  Only a cold boot would fix it.

Anyone else noticing strange effects like this?


2017 sp4.1