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    Search multiple Workflow States

    Mac Readhead

      Good Morning,




      I've come to a break in a path with a lot of options, but I'm not sure which would be considered a best practise approach, and if some are even possible.


      I'm working on creating search options for a user group, and would like to create a search card for them that allows them to find only .sldprt, .sldasm & .PDF files within specific workflow states, regardless of location.


      This comes down to 2 challenges:

      - Searching for multiple specific filetypes - I know I'm able to do one filetype or all quite easily using default values (*.pdf/etc)

      - Searching for multiple specific Workflow states - The same applies, one or all.


      I should mention that in both cases, if I have to make the searchable filetypes/States a static item, that's ok.


      If anyone has a way to get around either of those challenges, I'd love to hear what you've done. If this is impossible and there's a SR out for it, I'd be glad to back it!