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    Flow Simulation of a TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler)

    Mark Summers

      I am using Flow Simulation to model a thermoelectric cooler.  I have a TEC with an aluminum plate on the "cold" side and an aluminum heat sink on the "hot" side.  I got it to run steady state, but when I went back to add an 80W/°C thermal joint on each side of the TEC, I got nothing.


      I read that you need to have solids contacting both sides of the TEC, which is what I have, I just added a thermal joint between the TEC/aluminum interfaces.  Is this allowed?


      Also, has anyone ever tried to run a transient analysis with a TEC?

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          Mark Summers

          Any Flow Simulation folks out there can help me out with this?


          I am also wondering if I can add multiple tables at different currents instead of just parameters at "maximums".  When I run the Flow Simulation at current values less than maximum (1.5A instead of 6.1A), the results seem to be much better than the manufacturer's TEC data sheet describes, adn what I measure on my actual test hardware.