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    Using IEDMSearch7 in VBA

    Martin Solem

      Hi forum,


      What i am trying to accomplish:

      I have an Excel spreadsheet containing file names, document numbers, file revision and state.

      Based on document number, i need to search vault to locate the file and update Excel with correct revision and state.


      The macro is working well, but i thought i'd throw in a check to see if there were more matching documents. The document number *should* be unique, but there are no guarantees, and i would like to be sure my spreadsheet is correct.


      I am using this:

           sDocumentNumber = Range("G" & i).value

           search.AddVariable "Document Number", sDocumentNumber

           search.SetToken Edmstok_AllVersions, False


      My check is simple, i run a counter on the search result, using GetNextResult.

      However, i discovered i got two matches on the same document and the reason is because the value sDocumentNumber was present in two configurations.


      It doesnt seem like i can specify which configuration to search for the variable value, i mean it would be pretty sweet to search for:

      search.AddVariable "Document Number", sDocumentNumber, <ConfigurationName>


      SetToken Edmstok_Configuration <ConfigurationName>


      I am looking for suggestions on how to solve this. Anyone done something like this?


      Best regards