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working with .stl file to create mates around screw holes (Scanto3D, mesh wizard, other methods)?

Question asked by Michael Estrada on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hi guys, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I didn't see any other topic that seemed more relevant to ask this question. I have attached the .stl file in question and s simple .jpeg that highlights the features I need to be able to make mates to, there is also a pdf drawing that indicates the holes I need to be able to work around as the "preferred mounting position each side".


So, to be brief, I am working with a robot this summer that I need to mount a camera to using a 3D printed design.  Without actually being there yet to work with the robot directly, I was given a .stl file by my adviser of the robot's pelvis which has mounting holes shown in the .stl and .jpeg. Unfortunately, I have been unable to start a design because the .stl file does not store the data needed to recognize edges and make mates based on that data.


I basically just need to be able to mate the highlighted screw holes to screw holes in the mount design so I can get a sense for the geometry and work around the pelvis' curved body. My attempts using the mesh wizard to clean up the extraneous geometry and regress the body into multiple surfaces has not worked well.  Without fail, the automatic surface generation feature crashes Solidworks (probably a lack of computer memory) and the guided surface generation feature will resolve some of the surfaces, but not the ones I need to be able to work with. This is not to say this approach will not work, but I've had no success in my limited experience with these features.


I was hoping for any advice you guys may have about other ways to approach this problem or subtle details that I may be missing when setting up the auto/guided surface generation.