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Macro needed: Insert bill of materials for multiple assemblies

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Abilash V.

This is probably a tall order, but I need a macro that will generate a bill of materials for multiple assemblies. Multiple configurations within one assembly file is not an option. We have drawings which show multiple related assemblies, but our PDM/PLM software is configured such that we cannot keep all the related assemblies in a single assembly file with multiple configurations (doing so means all assemblies must be revised if just one assembly needs to be changed, which apparently won't fly since a lot of our products are registered and regulated). So, we have multiple assembly files for assemblies that share 90ish% of their components. We would like to show all the related assemblies on one drawing with a multi-assembly BOM, similar to what you get from a multi-configuration BOM. Is this at all possible? Seems to be that a BOM can only reference one drawing view which references one assembly, but can display component quantities for any number of configurations within that one assembly. What I need is a BOM that references multiple drawing views and displays component quantities for at least one configuration within each assembly.


I expect the only way to do this would be a macro to populate a General Table as if it were a BOM, which would be fine except that I still need balloon callouts to be tied to the BOM item numbers.


I will absolutely ship a case of fancy BC craft beer to anyone who can write a macro that will do this for me