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    DraftSight Activation problem

    Leon De Lange

      Anyone having problems activating Draftsight 2018 SP2?


      My Activation.log:


      14:54:42 Debug: [LINE NO] "36" "05/31/2018" Activation() begin

      14:54:42 Debug: [LINE NO] "124" "05/31/2018" isUserRegisteredEval() begin

      14:54:42 Debug: [LINE NO] "131" "05/31/2018" Trying to connect activation server.

      14:54:42 Debug: [LINE NO] "132" "05/31/2018" ns1__isUserRegisteredEval() begin

      14:54:43 Debug: [LINE NO] "134" "05/31/2018" server response =  0 "Success"

      14:54:43 Debug: [LINE NO] "135" "05/31/2018" ns1__isUserRegisteredEval() end

      14:54:43 Debug: [LINE NO] "158" "05/31/2018" User is Registered.

      14:54:43 Debug: [LINE NO] "199" "05/31/2018" isUserRegisteredEval() end

      14:54:43 Debug: [LINE NO] "39" "05/31/2018" Activation server status:  "Up"

      14:54:59 Debug: [LINE NO] "286" "05/31/2018" Trying to connect activation server.

      14:55:00 Debug: [LINE NO] "288" "05/31/2018" server response =  500 "fail"

      14:55:02 Debug: [LINE NO] "65" "05/31/2018" saveDataAndSendEmail() return value  "OFFLINE"

      14:55:02 Debug: [LINE NO] "66" "05/31/2018" saveDataAndSendEmail() return value  "NOT_WORKING"

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          Joe Dahlke

          I am having the same issue here on two separate computers.  I've tried reaching out but not a single word from DraftSight.  This isn't the first time we have had issues with activation and this is something we should not have to worry about.  It costs time and money and there is no care from the vendor.

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            Alex Lachance


            There are a few tricks you can try in here:

            Draftsight Activation - Can't connect to server


            I advise you to try this:

            1-1CZ5932 a écrit:

            This is what I did to fix the problem.

            Start the Regedit program as administrator

            Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\Current Version\ProfileList

            Identify the ID of the administrator used to install Draftsight and the ID of the user who wants to

            use Draftsight.


            Admin user : S-1-5-21-4270634972-2877105811-2816753613-1635

            Draftsight user : S-1-5-21-4270634972-2877105811-2816753613-18733

            Go to HKEY_USERS\< ID of the admin >\SOFTWARE

            Rename SWActivation to SWActivation_OLD

            Use a cellphone as a hot spot.

            Reopen DraftSight

            Do the activation like normal

            The validation will go through the Cellphone hotspot and then an e-mail will come through.

            Click in the link in the e-mail to activate.


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              Alain Ouellet

              Uninstalled then went and cleaned-up all the reference for DraftSight from file explorer and into users.

              Did not reboot.

              Installed the latest installation file then went thru the process of activation.

              All is finally working.....

              No special internet setting or other methods.