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Accountability and thanks

Question asked by Matt Thomas on May 30, 2018
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i found out something interesting yesterday at my tech school(not my university). I happen to look on the publishers website(and in the forward) for my book. Turns out, my book is for the MID-LEVEL user. So some of the questions i have had about dims, were to be all ready holding the shift key or diametrical or radial dims. So my frustration should have been at the school, not the book, for picking this book for those whom had never used solidworks or had proper diminishing training. I did confront one of the professors(we have 2 of them at the tech school.) and brought it to their attention very nicly. I even stated that i have not recieved alot of training in the past on dimms. The reply was "This book is not mid-level, it is beginning. We have had many begining students come in, sit down, do their work without asking questions to any of the professors and did just fine"  Not gonna lie, kinda hurt the feelings a little bit(yes, im proud to announce that i have feelings and im a grown man haha) but i have learned to deal with peoples feelings for many years:) maybe they were not feeling well that day..


Anyway, would like to say thanks for all the help EVERYONE has given me, this includes those at the tech school as well. I do take accountability for any drama i may have caused around my book because i was frustrated at why i couldnt figure it out, had to search for all the answers on my own, was paying for the class whilst no professor that taught SW was at this campus, and turns out, the book is for mid lvl users. (I have switched campuses and it was worth it because now i can work along side the professor and ask him when im stuck, still no lectures but that is something i will have to deal with.)


once again, thanks and have a great day. I look forward to being an active member on this forum and hopefully soon, being able to contribute knowledge to others like you have for me:)