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Writing PDM Revisions through Workflows

Question asked by Jack Brooker on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Greg H.

Having a small problem trying to write a revision through a PDM workflow - currently i've tried two methods in my attempt to get this to work properly.


My end goal here is that upon design approval in my workflow, a revision is incremented (and therefore assigned) to every part that passes past that stage. It will also then write that value to a variable called 'Issue'. My usual revision format is the date as such: 'YYMMDD', but for this instance, i'm instead using a simple 'a, b, c, etc' system.


Problem 1 & Methods I've tried

Method 1:


In this instance, i've modified the workflow to work as though the "Approved" transistion is doing all of the work. Transition "Auto move" and State "Pre-approved" are entirely for my second method and should be ignored. The Transition "Approved" is shown here. It will increment the revision and leave a comment with the users full name, date and time. The Data export & task execution have no relevance here as far as i'm concerned. Then the last part is writing the revision to the variable 'Issue'.


This is how the part looks after running through this. The local revision is "b", and the issue is shown in the column to the right of the part as no value. The ideal here would be to have both the revision and issue as the same variable


Method 2

My second method splits up the process into two events. The first transition 'Approved' increments the revision, whereas the second transition 'Auto move' writes the revision to the variable 'issue'.


Picture on the left is it in the 'Pre-Approved' State, then picture on the right is it in the 'CAD Design Approved' State. It appears that using this method of splitting them up causes the variable writing to removed the revision from the part.


Problem 2

My final problem/question, is how to get the revision system to begin at 0, or something of similar effect. As you can see from both images of my part, submitting a part as released/approved will always change it to version 2 / revision b. Is there a way to ensure that it always stays at version 1 / revision a? I've considered changing the revision assignment to whenever an ECR is done, but I wouldn't be able to assign the issue upon release. Any other thoughts on this?