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Excel driven tables in drawings

Question asked by Ben Siddall on May 29, 2018
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I'm wanting to produce a set of drawings based on a large quantity of standard parts I have. Basically I have created a sketch within a drawing of the basic part and added dimensions to this labelled A, B, C etc but without a value. I have created a table below the drawing in a drawing view so I can now type the information into the table with the correct dimensions for that part, essentially the values for A, B and C. Each of the parts I have are the exact same apart from the dimensions and I don't want to draw these out using a configuration table as not all the dimensions are accurate and work out properly meaning I would encounter a lot of errors. I don't need any part files, just drawings referring to the dimensions.


What I would like to do is to type all of the dimensions out for A B and C dimensions and the name of each different version of the part into an excel spreadsheet. Is there then a way to copy this information for each variation of the part into separate solid works drawing files? Basically I have all of the dimensions for all of these parts (approximately 1000 of them) on old sketches and drawings but they all rely on the same dimensions, I'm wanting to get all of these onto solid works drawing files and then exported as PDF's in the quickest way possible. If there is a way of me typing these into a spreadsheet and then letting solid works generate separate drawings then that would be ideal.


At present I have created a drawing template with the sketch and dimensions in and a separate table below linked to file properties within the drawing, I then type these values in and it copies them into the table for me to export as a PDF but it is still taking a while and does mean me manually creating a new drawing file for each one of these.


If anyone could shed any light on this then that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.