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    Unable to register Draftsight 2018 because the server is unreachable

    Pedro Flores

      Hi, I'm having a big issue with draftsight. The draftsight that I had installed on a pc with windows 7 pro 64 bits asked me to renew its activation. I tried several times but I didn't get the email to finish the process. After that I did the following steps:


      • Uninstalled the previous version
      • Downloaded draftsight 2018 for windows 64 bits today
      • Installed Draftsight 2018 from the administrator account
      • Ran Draftsight 2018 from the administrator account.


      And I got the following error window


      draftsight activation error.png


      The computer where I am trying to activate Draftsight is a Dell Optiplex 9020M with Windows 7 Pro 64 bits and 8 GB or RAM.


      Until last friday I was able to run the previous version of Draftsight there but I got the message of reactivation needed and my troubles began.