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Chunking Up Properties

Question asked by Michael Ferraro on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by Greg H.



I have a opportunity here, that I am struggling to solve.


I have a part with a sketch that has a dimensioned length attached to a construction line (that is driven). It is rounding to the nearest 32". I would like to somehow break that into to properties within the part if possible.


If that length of that line was lets 92.15625 long then the Major Length would be "092" (for 92 inches) and the Minor Length would be "05" (for 5/32).

Is there any way to do that without configurations? I can absolutely do this if I create configurations, but I was hoping to dodge making a configuration from 12.00 to 120.000 in 32 increments (3400+ configurations).


I can explain what it is needed for or why I am doing it if needed.