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Rebuild and Web2 Viewer

Question asked by Corey Hinman on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Aleksander Ksiezopolski

I've already pushed this up through our VAR, but I'm hoping someone on here can help. We use the web2 viewer. We have a watermark on our drawings tied to a variable on the drawing data card. When drawings are released, PDFs get generated for all to see.


If we don't do a rebuild on the drawing before creating the PDF, the web viewer will show the old (incorrect) watermark on the drawing. in short it will show "CAD WIP" when the watermark should be "RELEASED".


The problem we're having since upgrading to 2018 is that solidworks is continually trying to save referenced files when doing the rebuild task, even though the setting is deselected in solidworks. So if someone doesn't babysit the task list it quickly stalls and starts to stack up.