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    Is there an easy way to map an image around an edge?

    Peter Hildebrandt

      I tried to map an image around the edge of a box. First, I used the decal option, but the image was distorted all the time.

      Second, i tried an apperance with the image as a color map. It was a really difficult to get this result:

      - The Preview Mode is different from the accurate/fast mode.

      - how can i avoid repeating the image?

      - the Fit to part option shows a scale of e.g.123.9. If you want manually change the value 10 is the maximum.

        As a result, the image is to small.....Mesh-Mapping.jpgMesh-Mapping2.jpgMesh-Mapping3.jpg

      The whole texture mapping is very intransparent and you need a lot of try and error and even more a lot of time

      to get a result.