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Insert BOM macro, text is at 90 degrees

Question asked by Dan Clubley on May 29, 2018
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I am trying to create a macro to create an assembly drawing from the SLDASM file but I am not having much luck . The macro is meant to do the following:


  1. Check whether the active document is a SLDASM file and prompt to start macro
  2. Create a drawing and insert three views onto sheet1
  3. Create sheet2 and insert three views onto it (can I just insert one ISO view?)
  4. Create the BOM from the first view on sheet2
  5. Hide the first view and delete the following two views


When it inserts the BOM, the top row (title row) of the BOM is rotated 90 degrees and I would like it to stay like this (as per the template), but all of the rows below also rotate 90 degrees which I do not want. If I insert the BOM outside of the macro by selecting the drawing view and insert>table>BOM it inserts fine.


I have tried to change the escapement and the oblique angle but I had no luck with either of these but I think this was down to me doing it wrong .


I have attached the bomtemplate and macro (I have left the drawing and bom template addresses blank for confidentiality).


Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!