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    Surface mirror line

    Nigel Smit

      Hello experts ,


      When I mirror the surface knit (7) this line (see attachment) shows up.


      How can I solve this?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Tom dunn

          Nigel, what it your issue with the line being there? If you really don't like the line you can use delete face and use the delete and fill option with the tangent fill check mark "checked".



          if you don't like the line on the back you will have to use the same command on the backside as well.  Tom

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            Paul Salvador

            Hello Nigel,.. well,.. (you're not going to like my answer..  but,).. you would need to be tangent or normal to your Right Plane Mirror,.. that is, make the first edge in "Surface-Knit5" normal to the Right Plane.. so, either create a surface extrusion or ruled surface normal to.. and reassign the first edge to be tangent.

            then, there is the other issue... (regardless, that is, do a Ctrl-Q.. and, you see RED after Surface-Knit5)...it seems you have been running with VOR off (verification on rebuild, in peformance settings),.. you will need to turn it back on and fix the errors. (sorry)