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Hole Color for Tapped Hole on Feature, not Face?

Question asked by Scott Boerman on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Scott Boerman

For tapped holes, it appears that exporting (step214, x_t or igs) does not retain the hole color for a tap hole, depending on if the feature or face has the color applied.  Other holes (clearance, dowel, etc...) can be successfully exported with the colors applied when the color is applied to the feature.  But for tapped holes, applying color to the feature does not seem to make it through export.  But if the face of the tap drill hole has color applied in SW, then it makes it through export.

Is there a way to have a color that is applied to the tap hole feature, and the color make it through export?   Reason being, I would like to color the feature because it is much faster (and can be macro'd) than it would be to find (in the graphics screen) all of the faces.  And it is much more reliable to properly identify tap holes in the tree rather than the graphics area.

Interestingly, the tap hole export has the default hole feature color applied.  It seems odd that the default feature color will export, but the same feature when colored differently does not export successfully.

For checking the export process, Tetra is being used.  Sample files attached.

Thanks in advance