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Problems with shell simulation.

Question asked by Anders Nielsen on May 29, 2018
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I’m fairly new to the FEA/simulation scene so all help is much appreciated.


As a school project I have been tasked to analyze a fillet-lap joint with the Solidworks edge weld connector. I recently stumbled over this paper where a similar analysis has been done:


I would like to recreate this study but have met some problems and uncertainties on the way:



I’m not quite sure how to define the auxiliary surface mentioned in the middle to the left of the second page in the link. My understanding is that it is a small perpendicular surface to the bottom middle surface. How should I model this surface and define its thickness? May i have I misunderstood something? Is this the only way to generate the necessary geometry to define the edge weld connector?



I am having problems with solving the study for the two plates on top of each other, when defined as shells. How can I define the study so that the gap between the two surfaces is not at problem? The file I have attached contains the study I have done so far.