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Basic question about rendering for the Visualize Guys or other knowledgeable folks.

Question asked by David Goetsch on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Rich Fagioli

I was playing around with an older model of mine today trying to improve on some of my past renders now that I have gained a little more knowledge with Visualize. This thought came to me during these renders.


I modeled this Radial Engine in Solidworks from the original blueprints. It's a quarter-scale model of the Wright J-5 radial engine. The engine Charles Lindbergh used to cross the Atlantic in 1927. I modeled it complete with every internal component. A huge 3 month project. Ball bearings, needle bearings, gears, oil seals, crankshaft, pistons and rings, blower assembly, and the complete valve train assembly. There are loads of internals that can not be seen from the outside.


The complete assembly in Visualize is around 13.9 million polygons. I can probably cut that down to 5 million if I suppress or delete the internal components.


So my question is this: If I hide the internals in the Model Tree or even delete them, will it have any impact on render times? Will renders be any faster?


Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled with the new render times with the new AI Denoiser and that's really why I'm going back to some of my older projects to do some re-renders at higher more modern resolutions.


Thanks for any info, insight or suggestions...