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impressions after two days using the new feature "denoiser"

Question asked by Jam Jameston on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Sumit Rana

Hi Visualize users !!!


Here are my impressions after two days spent using the new function "denoiser" I use it on the following system: SW SP 3.0 Premium

i7 5930k


960 PRO M.2.

2x MSI 980Ti (not SLI)

Driver 397.93 WHQL Windows 10


The usefulness of this function is undeniable on distant views, we notice its effectiveness from the tenth pass, the noise undergoes a kind of blurring, which allows to have presentable images for a few dozen passes.


I also found that passes were about 3 times slower when "denoising" was activated. Which leads me to say that we are on renderings 3,33X faster and not 10X as announced. At least, on my system. It is for this reason that I would like to know the testimonials of other users, in terms of speed.


I mainly use SW Visualize, to make renders of jewelry that I previously modeled in SolidWorks. Most of them are close-ups. I realized that "denoiser applied a blur on normal maps (Cast_Normal, Brushed_Normal etc...), which removes the realism of the scene.


I tell myself that being an artificial intelligence, the software will still improve in its understanding of the physics of light. I also appeal to your testimony, perhaps for some of you, "denoising" behaves differently.


I sometimes use Cycles (one of Blender rendering engines) which also has a "denoiser" and it seems to behave better and less impact the textures applied to objects. The focus is on shadows and reflections.


Here is my sincere feeling after two days of use. It's very promising ... what about you ???


Thanks !