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library feature corrupted??

Question asked by Josee Laplante on May 29, 2018
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I am getting reacquainted with Solidworks. I have used this platform in the past and just returned to it. I see that most things have not changed over the years which is currently a big plus for me.


Here is my question: We use the library feature parts for standard machining cut out. We need to modify a couple but we are experiencing issues with the files. We can open them but as soon as we edit a sketch the feature tree manager becomes empty. We can see the result in the modeling area but none of the features in the browser. Is it corrupted? Can we fix this or have to redo the library feature? At first we thought it was an isolated problem but other files have the same issue.


As anyone seen this behavior?



Solidworks 2016


I added a pack'n'go zip. Hope I did it right.