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Solidworks Assembly to eDrawings - Components Grouping

Question asked by Praveen S. on May 29, 2018

Greetings Everyone.

I may take your time for a long passage. but I would like to detail my issue.

Am using Solidworks 2018 Standard version.

I have completed a large assembly consists of 2000+ components (parts & assemblies).

My Requirement : Submission of 3D model as eDrawing format to End user, and the one should be easy to identify similar components altogether in the assembly.

Am Freezed in :  Basically i have not done grouping of components so far.

I explored somehow and identified either it could be done by "Group Component Instances", "Create New Folder" or "Form New Sub-Assembly".

Am not sure how far am correct.

But here too (in either of 3 ways) the components that has been Patterned or Mirrored cannot be grouped.

I tried converting as exe file at this stage (hoping am half the way), but the output of edrawing showed none of the components are grouped together;

there were no impact of grouping done in solidworks assembly has been reflected into edrawings.


I would be very thankful to resolve this.