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Add-in for alternate 6 DOF mouse support? I don't have a 3D connexion.

Question asked by Matthew Fanguy on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Matthew Fanguy

Is there any 3rd party add-in available for Solidworks that allows you to map any make 3D mouse to the 6 camera control axes?


I'm probing an idea I had recently that involves using infrared LEDs and "opentrack" IR tracker to be able to physically pick up and object and rotated it in your hand to rotate/pan/zoom parts and assemblies in solidworks



Any help on this topic would be much appreciated! I think all I really need is some way to map the inputs from the "opentrack" software to solidworks camera control and I'm in business. I might add though that I'm hoping to avoid mapping those inputs to keyboard strokes to allow for a more analog input.



Thanks in advance for any assistance!