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Create a coordinate system and using that as reference for Copy/Move

Question asked by Robert Adkins on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

I am very vexed by this limitation.


I can create a UCS, based off points on a part/component within an assembly or in an individual part file. I can then use this as a reference for taking measurements, but I cannot use it for anything else, other than if I export the file and have that set as the UCS for the new part/file.


In my old CAD system, I can create a coordinate system on the fly, make that active and anything that I do will operate on the coordinate system that I have active at the moment. Rotate based on the center of my custom and active UCS? Sure. Move in XYZ based on the custom active UCS? Yes. Why is this missing as an option in Solidworks?


I find this to be a limitation/problem, because while one or two stamping operations are performed using the UCS that I started the assembly with, sometimes I have to rotate the part for the second, third or fourth stamping operation. At that point, it throws off the entire coordinate system and the process of developing these additional hits grows aggravating.


Yes, for each and every single operation, I could create a whole new set of files each with it's own UCS, build each tool as a "sub-assembly" and then finally bring all of those into one final file, using mates to line it all up as I need it... but, that can require that I export many files off the original customer data. On the tool I am working on right now, that would require at least Four Copies of the original data file each with a different UCS, all of which are just wasting filespace, then I'll have four different assembly files and finally the full assembly file. Keeping things simple, down to one single file, even with a large (for us) single assembly file with 5 or more full tools is far simpler from a workflow position.


Am I missing an option or feature element? If not, does this sound like something that could be an added feature in the future?