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Difference between Scene and Environment

Question asked by Stefano Gobbi on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Ron Bates

As the title says, I want to know the difference, if there's any, between the Scene and the Environment in Photoview's settings. I haz always thought they were the same, but in a project I had to recreate the settings made by another guy and he told me this:

"My settings were very sinple:

Scene (3 Point Faded)

Background (softbox)

Environment (3 point beige)

Background Brightness: 0.2

Rendering Brightness: 0.8

Reflectivity: 1.0"

Does the fact of selecting 3 point faded and 3 point beige at the same time make sense?

Thanks in advance for your help!