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Modeling complex sheet metal part

Discussion created by Christopher Thompson on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2009 by Gene Mercer

For those of you experienced in modeling these types of sheet metal parts, what techniques would you use? From the attachment, it started as a SM part, but then I needed to add sweeps & lofts to close gaps as a flange feature cannot be modeled on a curved surface.

To create the bottom pads, I created a separate solid body and used a indent feature (similar to forming tool). Could this entire model be created from one or more forming tools?

In Pro-E (Pro/Engineer), advanced wall features are available (revolve & blend), which can be flattened. I started this part in SW 2007, but I may be permitted to finish in SW 2009. Does SW 2009 have any additional sheet metal capabilities not present in SW 2007?

I typically do more plastic injection-molded part design than sheet metal, which is why I used a hybrid modeling technique to achieve the desired results.