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Can you fix drawing annotation locations relative to a part?

Question asked by Richard Ahlgrim on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Richard Ahlgrim

I have an assembly with 3 parts. The assembly and parts have multiple configurations controlled by a design table.

I also have an assembly master drawing based on my default configuration. This drawing has several dimensions, hole callouts, and a section view.

My plan is to do a "save as" on the master drawing to create a drawing for each configuration.


Here's my issue.

The size of my assemblies vary from 6.5" OD to 30.0" OD so I have to change my sheet scale or the view scale to get the various configurations to fit the drawing.

This results in have to adjust the ends of section cut lines, centerlines, and dimension and note placement for each new drawing.


Are there any tricks to fix any of these items relative to the drawing view?