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Hey all, I have SW17 and for some reason its doesnt want to load files or create files anymore.

Question asked by Robert Wieland on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Paul Salvador

My CPU recently just launched some updates (BIOS, graphics, and antivirus) and since the updates, I have been experiencing this problem, new files cant be created and old files cant be opened. When I perform this action, it crashes the system and gives an error message, with out an error code.


I have attached the performance log from my last session in the hope that some one can see what went wrong.


In summation, the Solidworks application launches just fine, just not any files.


To try and remedy it I have uninstalled and reinstalled to know avail.


What is worrisome to me is what I have read about SW compatibility with my computer. From what I have seen on the Solidworks graphics drivers page, and from other questions on this forum an Intel HD520 card is incompatible. I find this hard to believe as it has worked for months with my 520. I am hoping to get this fixed so I don't have to buy a new computer.


Than you.