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    Automatic revision control

    Thomas Hall
      I am trying to configure a workflow to automaticlly set the revision of part, drawing, and assembly files when moved througha certain transition. I am failing though. I find the admin guides not detailled enough and would like some help. Has anyone done this? I also would like the revisions to appear on the drawings title block and in the data card. I believe my only mistakes so far are setting the revision control in the workflow.

      SolidWorks 2009 SP2.0
      Enterprise PDM 2009 SP2.0
        • Automatic revision control
          Jeff Sweeney
          This is a very common procedure.

          Have you confirmed the revision is getting set? (The easiest way to do this is to try to get an older version, if you see red checkmark, this is a revision.)

          If it is, you are more than 1/2 way home. Next I assume you wish this new revision value to show up in your datacard and thus in your file properties. If so, in the same transition that sets the revision, you'll need to set a variable equal to the revision as seen in the attached screen shot.
            • Automatic revision control
              Thomas Hall
              Hello Jeff,

              I have verified if the revisions are being set by performing a "Get Version..." and "History" and both tasks are showing the revisions as you described.

              Yes, you are correct to assume I want the revision values to show up on our datacards, file properties, title blocks, and Vault columns. I have set the variable in the transition as you instructed and I included a pic of what I have done, but I am not seeing the revision value in the data card, vault column, or title block as of yet.