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modal analysis (Frequency) of pump station

Question asked by Sadegh Fffff on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Ryan Dark

I've ordered to modal analyse a pump station which exists in real.


I modeled all pipes, flunges, suppurts,... in past couple of months. now i reached the simulation step and as this is my first Big Project I appreciate any kind of tips or notices. until now I did couple of things which i'm going to share for better understanding:


  • I applied materials the way I told so.
  • I assembled all parts in coincide type, so I didn't change contacts (default bonded global).
  • I've specified fix geometry in bottom of all bases:


  • then I meshed the model (which is my biggest conflict). I've set mesh control for all parts (organized same shapes in one control). and so far I got this:


  • but when I run the simulation I've got this strange result (mode shape 1):


I know there are very things which I should consider for this kind of big projects but at first I thought maybe the best place to start collecting data would be this forum.


thanks in advanced.