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[FEA error] The iterative solver stopped.

Question asked by Cl So on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2018 by Cl So

Hi! I just finished a simple internal flow simulation with my pipe.

And I would like to do a pipe stress analysis due to the flow, therefore I exported the flow simulation result into the FEA study.

However, I have encountered a lot of problems, e.g. meshing problem (interference problem...), and I have tried very hard to solve it with meshing control.

But after the meshing is ready, when I run the FEA study, it shows this message when it is about 50%.


" The iterative Solver stopped.

Numerical difficulties. (Preconditioning failed)

Please check model boundary conditions.

No results saved."


I have tried to check my boundary conditions in flow simulation, but I couldn't find anything I can do.

Please help if there are any ways I can solve this FEA study for my pipe stress analysis.



Iterative solver 01.png