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    cosmetic hole colouring

    Eric Jacobson

      Hello, All;


      I'm trying to colour holes on our detail drawings. When I export an iges or try to open a solidworks file in Powermill, any hole that has a cosmetic thread shows up as grey, minus the bottom of the hole (if it's a blind hole) which has the proper colour.


      Is there something I'm missing?


      Here are some snips of what I'm talking about. The green detail is in solidworks and looks good, the grey detail is an iges opened in PC-DMIS that has the errors in hole colouring.


      I also have the attached files here... I'm new to the forum, don't know what method is preferred.  https://imgur.com/a/QybZs8O

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          Eric Jacobson

          In case anyone else runs across this:


          Shaded surfaces can't be exported with colour, so turn off the thread display through the display preferences.


          Now expand the feature through Feature management and toggle the 'Hole Thread' off and back on again. You can export your file at this point and the colour will display properly.


          No idea why it works like this, but that's how you solve it.





          Let me know if anyone comes up with a more eloquent solution!