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Counting Hole Instances

Question asked by John Alexander on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Dave Paul

I've found a bug in a program I'm working on that has to do with my method of collecting hole feature instances. I'm trying to check if all instances of hole features have been fully dimensioned (based on a very simplified constraint model). This involves collecting a list of every "instance" of a hole.


My method for collecting instances is via the Feature.GetFaces2() on all features of type "WizardHoleFeature". This works for the most part but it misses holes taht were generated later in the tree as a result of linear patterns, mirrors, etc.


My first instinct is to just seek those candidate pattern features in the tree, check if they include any hole features, and do the leg work to find the remaining hole features that were created as a result of said patterns. However, I noticed that the instance quantity tends to be correct on drawings using the native Hole Callout. This makes me think that there might be a ready-made method of getting the hole instance count that accounts for linear patterns and mirrors. Is anyone aware of such a thing?



John Alexander