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Lighting with Circular Hole Mesh

Question asked by Grant Herrman on May 23, 2018

Hi all,


I'm having this peculiar issue with the lighting in a part I made. It's a cylindrical shell with a circular hole mesh appearance. Depending on the angle I view it from, the lighting can vary wildly. Most of the time, the light reflects off of the outside and the part looks the same as if it were a solid surface (preferred); however, because of the perforated surface, there are angles where if the holes are aligned just right, the light does not reflect off of the outside of the surface. I've attached pictures to demonstrate what I mean. The photos are in pairs, toggled between the "Default" display state where the cylinder is solid and the "Perforated" display state where I've applied the circular hole mesh appearance. The first pair demonstrate the desired behavior,

Preferred (1a).pngPreferred (1b).png



the second pair the opposite.

Not Preferred (2a).pngNot Preferred (2b).png


What I'd like is for the part surface to always look like my first pair of pictures. This way, when I animate the drum rotating in my assembly or move the cameras, there is no flickering between the different appearances caused by the lighting/reflections like below.



Assembly 2.png

Undesirable behavior:

Assembly 1.png


I've attached the part: the configuration in question is "MAIN (5' PERFORATED)" and the linked display states are "Default" and "Perforated".Any help is appreciated.


Solidworks 2013. Windows 7.