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Solidworks 2018 flexible mates and flipping mates ???

Question asked by Jim Moses on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Jim Moses

Hi all,


I have a sub-assembly with flexible mated sub assemblies in it, now every-time I add a component or a mate I get a error and come to find my mates flipped for no reason, as  it was fine with no errors until I either add something, not even a mate.  I seem to have this happen even if I add a feature to a weldment in my assembly, like an additional plate to mount something off of.   Also having to change things from flexible to rigid and back again to get the errors to clear which does not always work.


I am currently trying to mate handle in my assembly that have the dreaded ball point to point connections. I tried adding a sketch to constrain them too but this again flips out mates not even related.


This version of Solidworks has cost me more time than I care to count, attempting to do something I could do relatively easy in 2016 so not sure what setting I am unaware or what else has changed, but it is getting to the point of remodeling everything in 2016 almost seems easier, and I know that can't be the correct answer.


So any ideas on where to look or setting I may have overlooked?