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VBA - Open a Web Browser & scroll to Lower Right.

Question asked by Cad Admin on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Casey Balderson

I have a form that has a button, with the button i open a webpage, on that open webpage i need to scroll to the lower right.  this is an internal company page.  I'm using explorer.exe because it will open using whatever browser was last used.


My issues is, that once open i need to scroll to the lower right of the browser, because the call shell "centers" the browser on one of the frames, instead of what i need.


if i open the page by pasting the link, it works fine.


I tried using sendkeys but it didnt work....


What I'm using is:


Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()

Dim URL             As String

Dim JobNumber       As String


     JobNumber = Left(Fname, 6)

     'URL = "http://jobs/dashboard/" & JobNumber & "#material"

     URL = ""

     Call Shell("explorer.exe " & URL, vbMaximizedFocus)

End Sub