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Animation between keyframes?

Question asked by Nete Jakobsen on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Nete Jakobsen

Hi there


I am quite new in Visualize Pro, and have started exploring the possibilities with animation.

It is generally going okay, but I have some issues I do not know how to control.


Why does my part move in random placements between keyframes?

Even if I dublicate a keyframe and place it next to the original, it does not stay still, but adds a seemingly random movement in between keyframes.

This happens with both group, part and camera animations.



step one, I create a starting point keyframe, and add a keyframe rotating the part. Works fine.

step two, I crate a third keyframe, moving the part downwards. Now the animation goes upwards between the keyframes, and ends up downwards at the keyframe I assigned.


What is going on?


Best regards,