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    Animation between keyframes?

    Nete Jakobsen

      Hi there


      I am quite new in Visualize Pro, and have started exploring the possibilities with animation.

      It is generally going okay, but I have some issues I do not know how to control.


      Why does my part move in random placements between keyframes?

      Even if I dublicate a keyframe and place it next to the original, it does not stay still, but adds a seemingly random movement in between keyframes.

      This happens with both group, part and camera animations.



      step one, I create a starting point keyframe, and add a keyframe rotating the part. Works fine.

      step two, I crate a third keyframe, moving the part downwards. Now the animation goes upwards between the keyframes, and ends up downwards at the keyframe I assigned.


      What is going on?


      Best regards,


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          Husein Delic

          Hi Nete,


          Think you set only keyframes on the part but you should also have on camera. Also maybe auto keyframe is enabled that generates new keyframes when you make a movement!


          Next on each keyframe you have some in/out transitions that you can control. Think standard is set to smooth. Thats why you have slight movement between each of them. Select a keyframe and on right side you will see the properties. Select on first keyframe "hold" for Out and when you duplicate it just switch so that "hold" is In for transition. That way you can keep it stable without any movement.