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Should I upgrade to Solidworks 2016?

Question asked by Kendric Rendle-Short on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Vladimir Urazhdin

At my company, we have 4 Solidworks licenses. We currently use Solidworks 2014 SP5, but our license allows us to upgrade to Solidworks 2016. I would like to know opinions here as to whether it is worth us upgrading.


Our main consideration is stability - we generally experience a few crashes per week. Is 2016 considered more or less stable than 2014 SP5?


Our other priority is performance - we work with very large assemblies (automated production machines, stuff like that) and currently experience fairly long load times and navigation. I have noticed that Solidworks 2014 does not make very good use of multiple CPU cores (generally only 1 or 2 cores at a time - we run i7 CPUs of various generations). Does 2016 make better use of the CPU? Are there any other performance improvements?


Thanks for you help.