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Is it possible to add and show a sketch picture in an empty view in a drawing?

Question asked by Carrie Ives on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Carrie Ives

I am working on an assembly drawing. We do not have the cabling modeled. I do have a JPG of the cabling. I can add this JPG to the drawing as a sketch picture. I then add some notes pointing to various things in the picture. This is all fine until I have to move the picture to a different spot on the drawing. I was hoping that I could add an empty view to the drawing and then put the picture and notes in there. This would keep it all together. SolidWorks appears to let me add the picture to the empty view, but it isn't actually visible.


SolidWorks 2017

Windows 8


The empty view resizes when I add the sketch picture as if it were there, but it doesn't show anything. The picture on the left is what I'm starting from with one note shown. I added the Empty View on the right and put the note in it. When I copied and pasted the picture from the left into the empty view, its borders increased to match the size of the picture.



I also tried selecting the empty view and then hitting the sketch picture button to add the picture. I get the scale tool, but no visible image.


One of the reasons I would like to use the empty view, is the hope that I can copy it to the next drawing that is similar, change the picture, and then add the new notes. The next drawing is for the unit with more bells and whistles.


Any ideas?