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Flow simulation of a rotating fan in a blender

Question asked by Kaushik Yemul on May 22, 2018

Hello, I am new to CFD and I am trying to simulate the fluid flow for a fan in a blender. I have attached pictures of the models and the rotating region. I am not able go through the meshing for a finer mesh. For a coarser mesh (Global mesh level 3), its going through. But as soon as I go above that and insert a local mesh, it says that it cannot resolve the local rotating region. Also, I don't know the significance of the stator wall boundary condition and whether I should use it or not. Ideally I would like to open up the bottom of the geometry to environmental pressure and let the air flow through the bottom to the top and see how the fan distributes the air through the motor. So any guidance regarding the bc's is also appreciated. Currently I am doing an external flow simulation.