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    Beam Analysis

    Frank Ahenny

      Hi   ,


      I have a part attached which I want to carry out a simulation on, i've  tried fixing it in a few different ways but the it wont run, i'm presuming its to do with how the frame is drawn  up as  usually works ok for simpler frames , if someone can take a look as I don't often use simulation, thanks

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Frank,

          I'm not totally sure why the program is reporting your particular setup as unstable.  I duplicated your study then went into the study properties and set the following:

          • Disabled "Compute free body forces"
          • Enabled "Use soft springs to stabilize model"
          • Set solver to "Automatic"

          The program then solved down to what you see below.  It doesn't seem as though any bodies are disjoint and nothing seems to be translating beyond ~1 mm.  So, like I said, it doesn't seem like it should be unstable.  In any case, you may want to set the same settings on your end to proceed with your analysis.