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    mathcad integration

    Yves Rossignol

      Hi, I think it is an endless question. Can we have a mathcad integration with solidwork 2018? I want to use mathcad prime 4.x to do design because I'm a power user of mathcad since I used it the first time with a pc-at with a monochrome green screen... more than 6000 files made with mathcad. So... I need to pass data from both software and keep unit! It will not work with excel. We lost all units.


      Sorry for my poor english


      Yves R.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Have not tried on latest version but I've integrated on MC older version on SW 2010 or 2012 (do not remember the exact version). So I'm sure it should work integrate fine.

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              Yves Rossignol

              Thank you Sir, But.... mathcad have changed a lot. From mathcad 15 (a perfect product from mathsoft) to a PTC branded product with mathcad prime 1 to 4... The look is different, the software is totally different. We can only have 6 variables that can be send with an add-in.


              I can work with excel IF we can send information with units... but we can't.


              But if you want I will try, and retry, and fail, and maybe have success. With your advice if you want.


              Your truly


              Yves Rossignol P.eng.