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Set dimension style settings by sheet vs document?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on May 22, 2018
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We do all of our prints on A size sheets (which I despise). This means that I, sometimes, have to get creative with dimensioning - even setting the text font down to 6 point with associative sizing on the arrows and such.


This usually works pretty well - with the exception of when I have more than one sheet and the sequential pages aren't as crowded and I can relax the dimension font for easier reading. For instance:

I just finished a cylinder head drawing that had a top, front, back, left, right, isometric, section a-a and section the title block and revision block. This was a ton of information to cram into one A-size sheet. Needless to say, this used 6 point font for everything.


Notice that I did not have a bottom view on the page above? That's because I placed the bottom on its own sheet because it had dimensions for the bolt pattern. This was the only drawing on this sheet and it looked ridiculous with 6 point font - so I changed it all over to 8 point font. That may not sound like much, but it was a huge difference.


Now, when we set the dimension settings, we do it through: OPTIONS - DOCUMENTS PROPERTIES - DIMENSIONS/ANNOTATIONS/VIEWS (SECTIONS), ETC. (I threw in the other settings that generally get changed to accommodate as well). So, my question: Is there a way to set these settings per sheet vs by document?


It would be nice to see more options out beside "Document Properties" in the OPTIONS menu...document properties could be used to set the standard for the document, but as each sheet is added to the drawing, another tab would show up in options that would allow you to overwrite the document properties.


If there is not a way to set properties per sheet, how do I properly enter a request for this? (8 year user and never entered a request).