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Some great news

Question asked by Matt Thomas on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Matt Thomas

Here is a little great news that happened last week.


I attend Utah State University for Mechanical and Areospace engineering school. I have about 2 years left of the program. When i first started, i was looking into the MAE1200 course named Engineering graphics. I was told that since it is a first year class, and i had the credit transferred from another institution, that i could not take it again because of a two year wait line. At my other institution, engineering graphics, the professor decided to do 2D drawings and not solid modeling(well, we had an intro 6 hour tutorial on PRO-E but it was optional)


Ok, with this said, i had completely forgotten about this course. So i called the professor of it and he enrolled me into last semesters class for free. So i get access to all the videos he has done. The actual final exam for the class if enrolled is the CWSA. Sadly, i do not have access to the 2 practice exams that were posted..


I find this to be great news because now i have a chance haha. But it does have 2 cons that i am trying to work around:


1. Do not have access to the CSWA practice exams and any material that could help me out

2.Im not in the class to hear the actual lectures, that feel in any gaps i missed in the videos.


Other than that, i am pretty excited.