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    Workflow folder assignment

    Thomas Hall
      I have a simple worflow called Toolbox. It has one state in it call Toolbox. That's it. In our Vault we have a "Toolbox" folder where all toolbox reference files are added when working with toolbox standards.

      I would like all of these parts that are being added to the Toolbox folder to be automatically assigned to the Toolbox workflow. How whould I do this?

      SolidWorks 2009 SP2.0
      Enterprise PDM 2009 SP2.0
        • Workflow folder assignment
          Corey Hinman
          Right click on the workflow and go to properties...see attachment and enter the directory you want to use.

            • Workflow folder assignment
              Thomas Hall


              Right click on the workflow and go to properties...see attachment and enter the directory you want to use.

              I tried your recommendation Corey, but now when I check a file in for the first time, the files are being assigned to the Obsolete workflow. No file should be assigned to the Obsolete or Hold workflows unless through a transition defined in the Production workflow, which I have configured.

              I think I failed by not providing more information. In our Vault, we have the following folder structure:

              design library
              Folder A
              Folder B

              We have the following workflows: Design Library, Hold, Obsolete, Production, Prototype, Toolbox

              My goal is this: All files created or added to the Design Library and Pocedures vault folders will use the Design Library workflow. All files created in or added to the Projects folder, and sub folders, will use the Production workflow. And all files added to the Toolbox folder and sub folders will use the Toolbox workflow.

              I hope this helps and does not complicate things.

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              Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

              You can certainly do that.
              But you need to have some standard word in all your tool box files names.

              for Ex: STDPAR-BOLT M10 x 20 (STDPAR- Signifies that Standard Part)
              STDPAR-BOLT M10 x 25
              STDPAR-BOLT M10 x 20
              STDPAR-BOLT M10 x 20
              Then in categories define the %STDPAR-BOLT% and the Filetype for Ex:.sldprt.

              Then use the category to assign the workflow.

              Let me know if you need more info.

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                I do this very thing at our company. We have a similar folder structure. Our toolbox is configured to create new parts and place them automatically into the /toolbox/ directory in the vault. The part is automatically assigned to the "Toolbox" category and enters our "Toolbox Parts" workflow. Here is how I did it:

                I set up a category named "Toolbox" and set a filepath condition to %\Toolbox\% for in that category. Next I created a "Toolbox Parts" workflow with one state, "Toolbox Part". In the properties for that workflow I set a category condition to "Toolbox".

                I hope that helps