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How to add fillets to this design? (multiple teeth, implemented as separate bodies)

Question asked by Asko Kauppi on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Solid Air

This question is very specific to my model, which is attached below.

It's got two configurations, A and B, having teeth on either side of the slot (pictured).

F - teeth no fillet.PNG

I've created the teeth from a single slot master, rotated as a separate body to the left of the slot, then repeated over the curve.This seems to work better than a previous way where I used curved pattern on features, not a body (I'll write the problems I faced with that at the end).

My remaining solvable is:

- have ~50 individual bodies that I now want to merge together, with fillets


I need to combine the teeth and the larger part first. Otherwise the fillet will just round off the lower corners of the teeth, instead of helping them merge with the jaw. So no questions there.

But by combining, I lose the information that there's a pattern. Should I just make one tooth's fillets and then curve pattern that again, like I did the teeth. Perhaps.


Specific questions.

1. Combining the jaw and the ~50 teeth

Traditional Insert > Features > Combine gives me a naughty looking (but functional) merge.

Is there any way to combine e.g. all the parts in the configuration? The current approach seems fragile since if I change the curvature pattern at some point, not all of these parts will exist.

F - combine.PNG


But the merger actually looks nice. Now the fillets.

I tried to make a fillets around one tooth, then multiply that by curved pattern on the fillet feature. SolidWorks gave this:


F - error.PNG


That's with just 10 teeth so I'm not approaching the end of the slot (at 53). Something else is at fault here, but I don't have a clue, what. I do feel doing this somehow wrong, so not blaming the tool here. Just trying different things, until one of them gives the wanted end result.


3. Since I rely on the particular set of subparts in the combine stage, I may just as well forget about patterning and go place all the required fillets in one feature. Manual labour, not parameterized, but... works.

Is there some more clever way I could approach this?


F - manual labour wins.PNG

Finalized teeth, with root fillets. Done manually.


SW 2018 SP 2.0